are you too nervous to be lovers, friendships ruined with just one kiss 

gray or blue by jaymay // don’t make me hold your hand by lake street dive // your flesh against mine by dillon // if you want me by marketa irglova & glen hansard // just like heaven by kat edmonson // baby blue by martina topley bird // can’t help falling in love by ingrid michaelson // almost lover by jasmine thompson // say something by a great big world // shelter by birdy // home by edward sharp & the magnetic zeros // i feel that too by jessie baylin // love is wasted on lovers by jessie baylin // the greatest thing that never happened by jessie baylin // stay with me by sam smith // how long will i love you by jon boden, sam sweeney & ben colman // all night by kendra morris // wherever you will go by charlene soraia


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Countdown to 1989; [2/5] Favourite music videos → We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

“was it before, during, or after sex?
they laugh.
it was every waking moment,
you say.
but sometimes i hear her mutter in her sleep too.”

MJLwhen his friends ask him when i told him that i love him (request) —

you rapped your knuckles
across my bones
until you found the places
i had broken

you kissed my skin
above the cracks
convinced me
that we’d stay

you let me fall for you
and then shattered me
like too-thin glass
and then you left me there

and never

you took me apart to find my weak spots and i was stupid enough to think you were just finding my heart /// r.i.d (via inkskinned) —

“You see,
I’ve written like a million poems
hoping that somehow
you’ll jump out of the page
and be closer to me.
Because if you were here,
right now,
I would massage your back
until your skin sings songs
that your lips don’t even know the words to,
until your heartbeat sounds like my last name
and you smile like the pacific ocean.
I want to drink the sunlight in your skin.”

— Rudy Francisco, Love Poem (via larmoyante) —


OutlawQueen - Love for their children


i made a graph of my personality



just kidding more poetry now

It’s funny how quickly it happens —
How the sun sets at 8:38,
And the curve of that three
Becomes the lips that won’t kiss you,
And the inky stabs of that colon
Become the eyes that don’t miss you,
And on either end, yes, flip them…

Jon, Stana, and Seamus take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)